Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

MCT Donor List

Annual Campaign Donors between October 26, 2016 - October 30, 2017

To see a complete list of memorial gifts given to MCT. Visit our memorials page.

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre gratefully acknowledges the United Performing Arts Fund, our single largest donor, for its annual support of more than $172,000.

Platinum Tier - ($5,000.00 + )


Julie Anding and Lisa Kornetsky

Bader Philanthropies, Inc.

Briggs & Stratton Corporation Foundation


City of Milwaukee Arts Board

Donald A. Cress

Patrick and Julia Fennelly

Mr. Lloyd Gerlach

Harley-Davidson Foundation, Inc.

John E. Holland and Konrad K. Kuchenbach

George and Angela Jacobi

Johnson Controls Foundation

Arthur and Nancy Laskin

Elizabeth Levins and Herbert Zien

Marianne and Sheldon Lubar

Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation

Guy and Mary Jo McDonald

George and Julie Mosher Family Foundation

Deborah and Jamshed Patel

Mickey and Casey Ripp

John Shannon and Jan Serr

The Richard and Ethel Herzfeld Foundation

The Shubert Foundation

Tinsley Helton Trust

Wisconsin Arts Board

Wilfred W. Wollner, Jr.

Dick and Diane Wright Charitable Fund

Gold Tier - ($2,500.00 + )


Keith and Paula Anderson

Gardner Foundation

Michael and Lyn Hamilton

Barbara Johnson and Sandra Zingler

Elaine N. Peterson

Sempercor Foundation, Inc.

David and Julia Uihlein Charitable Foundation

Silver Tier - ($1,000.00 + )

Dennis and Linda Bonner

Rachel Borens

Patty and Larry Compton

Roger and Regina Dirksen

Einhorn Family Foundation

Pamela Frautschi and Richard Ippolito

GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Inez and Gene Gilbert

Michael and Kelly Grebe

Margaret and David Harvey

Katherine Hauser

Jill Heavenrich

Kathryn and Lavern Herman

Nancy Jacobs

Pam Kriger Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

MaryJo and Steve Kruger

Ely Leichtling and Sally Merrell

John Mahony and Evelyn Burdick

Donna and Tony Meyer

Morgan Stanley Community Affairs

Morgan Stanley Foundation

Robert and Theresa Muselman

Allyson Nemec

Joseph R Pabst

Pat and Allen Rieselbach

Amy Ruhig

Dan Schley and Barb Haig

Marsha Ruth Sehler

Max Seigle

Emily and Leopold Shircel

Catherine Spyres

Dr. Stuart C. Tentoni

Paul Nausieda and Evonne Winston

Woman's Club of Wisconsin Foundation

Bettie Zillman

$500-$999 - ($500.00 + )

Jim and Terri Alioto

Robert Balderson

Alan and Rose Marie Baron

Richard P. and Diana Barthel

Carolee C. Beutler

Greg Chrisafis

Pat and Phil Crump

Elizabeth and Steven Duback

David and Therese Fennelly

Robert Ferriday and Barbara McMath

Kirsten and Bill Finn

Jane M. Foster

Tim and Heidi Frank

Peter and Sue Hitler

David Keen and Judith Perkins

Laura Lindner

Richard and Sherry Lundell

Lee Marquardt

Jan and Vince Martin

The Howard & Sara Miller Charitable Fund

Jequitta and Mark Molot

James A. Schleif and William H. Morley

Kristy Nielsen and Bill Lorber

Bill Reitman

Susan Riedel

Bibi and Greg Rosner

Ruth Schudson

Tom and Linda Streifender

Greater Milwaukee Foundation - Bill & Gwen Werner Fund

C. Michael Wright and Ray Jivoff


Anonymous (3)

Actors' Equity Foundation, Inc.

Donna and Donald Baumgartner

Natalie Beckwith

James Boerner

William Bradley and Jill Ponasik

Anne Marie and Michael Bula

Elaine Burke

Erin and George Burke

James Cauley and Brenda Andrews

Maureen and Herschel Kruger

Ted and Stephanie Compton

Cathy and Mario Costantini

Ms. Carol Z. Dolphin

Joe and Gwenn Graboyes

Bob and Gail Helfferich

Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc.

Andrew and Paula Holman

Elinor and Paul Jacobson

Bett C. Jacquart

Jacqueline and Jeffrey Jahnke

Paul Kosidowski and Kathy Donius

Kip Kussman

Bill and Judy Laste

David and Mary Ann Lillich

Ken Lukow

Debbie and Jim Pavletich

Donald Petersen and Corinthia Van Orsdol

Susan Ploetz

Sheila A. Quinnies

Herbert Quigley and Christine Radiske

Catherine Rynkiewicz

Pamela Seccombe

Katherine M. Smith

Sandra Swan

Corinthia and Donald Van Orsdol

Jim and Kathie Vint

Joan C. Wiegand Family fund - Greater Milwaukee Foundation


Anonymous (4)

Helen S. Adelt

George Affeldt

Jan and Charles Antal

Nancy Balcer

Barbara J. Becker

Dr. Glendon and Susanne Bogdon

William and Julie Bonnell

Brookby Foundation

John Burr

Sue Cleary-Koch

Eileen Collins

Jess Brownell and Shirley Conlon

Albert J. Correa and Sue Volkman

Thomas G. Derenne and Robert W. Zimmermann

Eric Durant

Don and Mary Ellingsen

John and Mary Emory

Ann Marie and Len Fabos

Jeff and Suzan Fete

David Flores

Robert Gardenier and Lori Morse

Carissa Gingras

Norman and Daryl Grier

Sylviane L. Grigg

Katherine Grogan

Mary Anne Gross

Pat and Jerry Groth

Catherine Grothe

Dale Hagan

Scott and Tracy Heinle

Sarah Kriger Hwang and Milton Hwang

Kathleen Ryan Johnston

Robert and Loni Kagen

Greater Milwaukee Foundation - JayKay Foundation Fund

Wade and Sharon Kearns

Edward Kelly

Mr. Gontran and Ms. Demaris Kenwood

Judith Kesser

Anne Klug and Harry Farchmin

Pat and Tricia Knight

Dale and Sandra Landgren

Avrum & Dannette Lank Family Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

Justine Leonard

Dennis and Karen  Leyer

Greg and Sue Lochen

Lynn Loewen

Helen and David MacGregor

Lois Malawsky

Jerry and Donna Martynski

Laura Marx

Elaine McDermott

Cara McMullin

Debra L. Miller

Kenn Miller

Michael and Sue Miller

Michael Mosesson

Denis and Jeanette Nathan

Michael Nottoli

Ken and Lisa Nowakowski

John F. Oberwetter

Jane O'Connell

Diana and Richard Pine

Michael Proft

Emily Randall

Karen and John Reddin

Stephen and Janet Rhode

Michael and Susan Schall

Imy Schley

Patricia Schroeder

Brian and Barbara Scotty

Jacqueline Servi Margis

Ken and Patricia Siberz

Mary Anne Siderits

Robert Spencer

Roger and Beth Stafford

Jerrel and Judy Stanley

Eileen and George Stone

Jane Boller Stroebel

Paul and Donna Tanzer

Laurie Geisel and Bruce Thompson

Robert Titley and Sharon Riley

David and Pamela Van Doren

James E. Van Ess

Jerry and Donna Walsh

Mary Wegener

Russell and Alyce Weiss

Gwen Wenszell

Michael A. West

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Williams

Judy Zwirlein


Anonymous (6)

Ellen and Carl Baehr

Patricia Bakula

Pam Barker

F. Tessa and Richard Bartels

Mark and Paula Bell

Bob Blitzke and Jane Grogan

Holly Blomquist

Andrew and Linnea Booher

Brian Borchart and Jeff Morin

Fredrik and Jill Broekhuizen

Leon and Carole Burzynski

Pat and Tony Busalacchi

Cecile Cheng

Mary and James Connelly

Ms. Cynthia Cooper

Lois Ellen Debbink

Gary Drescher

Shawn Duffy

Janet and David Dunn

Kathleen Falk and Daniel Goyette

Mary Fons

Linda Gaalaas

Carolie Goniu

Irv and Reesa Gottschalk

Rita Hale

Edward and Dianne Halpern

Jami and Joe Hanreddy

Anita Harder

Tom and Katie Heinen

Dennis Hennessey and Linda Roethlisberger

Nona Hill and Clark Johnson

Mr. Albert Hoff

Hugh and Robin Hoffman

Judith Howard

Ronald and Helen Jacobs

Evan and Linda Jaeger

Sandra Jandegian

Pauli and Tom Jeffers

Ursula M. Jewett

Jane M. Johnson

Annie Jurczyk

Maureen E. Kania

Marcella Kearns

Lee Ann Kingston

Patricia Knowski and Gary Knowski

Caroline Kobb

John and Patt Konkel

Gary Koppelberger

Sue and Werner Krause

Henry and Debra Krokosky

Irene Kubis

David Lenz

Eva Llanera and Michael Egan

Julie Luedtke

Mary Ellen Lukaszewicz

Denise Luppi

John and Barb Maglio

Mark Manske

James W. McCann

Mary McCormack

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Minter

Bruce Murphy

Ann Navin

Bill O'Boyle

Bruce and Elizabeth Olson

Elizabeth and James Orth

Steven Pace

Thomas and Elaine Pagedas

The Dental Offices of Dr. David Paris

Dennis and Rebecca Pelzek

Randy and Janet Peterson

Corliss Phillabaum

Martin F. Pilger and Mary W. Pilger

Roberta Piper

Eugene S. Pocernich

Mary S. Pollock

Nathanael Press

Ellie Quint

Ellen Redeker

Patrick and Noreen Regan

Neal and Joan Sanders

Joe and Shirley Simonson

Danielle Smith

Mort and Naomi Soifer

Stanislaus L. Spence

Dori Frankel Steigman

Judith E. Swanson

Janet Tallberg

John and Gina Taucher

Jennifer Uphoff Gray

Dennis L. Van Vlaenderen

Gregg Vergetis and Curt Cattanach

Kathleen Voelker

Robin Waagen

Mark and Yvonne Wagner

Phyllis Wax

WE Energies Foundation

Bill Weida and Jane Davis Weida

Marian M. Weinberg

Dawn Wenszell

Gale Wertheimer

Marilyn L. White

D.R. Wolf

Mary and Roger Wolverton

Cecelia Zettel