Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

Love Stories

by George Bernard Shaw, Bertolt Brecht, Dorothy Parker Running Time: 2 hours

November 25, 2015 to
December 20, 2015

Studio Theatre
Directed by Paula Suozzi

Three classic one-acts by three celebrated writers!

Village Wooing

by George Bernard Shaw

The Jewish Wife

by Bertolt Brecht

Here We Are

by Dorothy Parker

Featuring James Pickering and Tami Workentin

The work of three insightful and incisive wordsmiths is showcased in LOVE STORIES. Playwright George Bernard Shaw returns to the MCT stage with VILLAGE WOOING. In this charming comedy, from the deck of an ocean liner to a village shop, a reclusive travel writer is pursued by a chatty phone operator on a mission to marry him. In Bertolt Brecht's THE JEWISH WIFE we learn how Hitler's rise to power effects a marriage. In the final one-act HERE WE ARE by Dorothy Parker a newlywed couple is travelling by train to their honeymoon - but not without revealing a few of their insecurities first.

In MCT's production of LOVE STORIES, the lines of fiction and reality blur deliciously as real-life couple James Pickering and Tami Workentin rehearse three classic one-act plays. While they juggle the complexities of their own partnership, whimsical wordplay leads to verbal sparring, onstage and off, but ultimately love conquers all in this loving tribute to life in the theatre.

Want to know more? The Story of LOVE STORIES

A collaboration with UW-Milwaukee

MCT would like to gratefully acknowledge Jennifer Uphoff Gray for the original inspiration for LOVE STORIES and Forward Theatre Company for their premiere production in 2012.

Community Partnership: Divine Intervention Ministry to the Homeless
Work with MCT to support the homeless this holiday season

George Bernard Shaw, Bertolt Brecht, Dorothy Parker

James Pickering

Tami Workentin

UWM Acting Interns:

Erika Kirkstein-Zastrow

Robert Knapp
Production Staff
Director Paula Suozzi
Scenic Designer Rick Graham
Costume Designer Ellen Kozak
Lighting Designer Holly Blomquist
Properties Master Melissa Centgraf
Sound Designer Lucas Clopton
Stage Manager Brandy Kline
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The story of LOVE STORIES

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Story of LOVE STORIES, by Jake Voss; A retrospective glance at the life of LOVE STORIES reveals something innate about life: it’s never short on surprises. One must expect the unexpected. And what one carries forward from the past will undoubtedly influence the present and future. The LOVE STORIES of today was carried from the East Coast to the Midwest over the course of more than twenty years. It’s a journey of unexpected twists and turns, and of how artists fuse the old with the new to create the original. The story begins with a student.

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Community Partnership: Divine Intervention

Thursday, November 12, 2015

During LOVE STORIES, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre is partnering with Divine Intervention Ministry to the Homeless, an intra-faith ministry of more than 46 communities hosted by the Outreach and Justice Ministry of Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church of Milwaukee. This inspiring organization was brought to our attention by actors Tami Workentin and James Pickering who are ardent supporters of Divine Intervention and Tippecanoe Church.

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