Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

MCT's 'Deathtrap is a Non-stop Thrill Ride

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

by Harry Cherkinian, Shepherd Express

Now almost 40 years old, there's good reason why DEATHTRAP remains Broadway's longest-running thriller: It's a nonstop thrill ride for the audience. And Milwaukee Chamber Theatre's solid staging only underscores the fun in being frightened and outwitted just when we think we know what's going on. "Nothing recedes like success," laments renowned playwright Sidney Bruhl to his wife Myra. Poor Sidney hasn't had a Broadway hit in 18 years; now one of his seminar students, Clifford Anderson, has written a great play first time out. Yep. It's called DEATHTRAP. What would someone actually do to be a success... again? Lie? Steal? Murder? DEATHTRAP not only entertains and thrills for its two-and-a-half hours (with 15 minute intermission), it raises questions as to who we really are. The five-memeber cast serves the play well, as does director Michael Cotey. Unlike the strictly serious 1982 movie with star casting, Cotey and company pull out the underlying humor in this very clever mystery.

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