Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

Chamber’s “Deathtrap” a skillfull mystery told with twists and turns

Sunday, August 13, 2017

by Dave Begel, Dave Begel on Theater

If you are of a certain age, or a fan of film and television mysteries, then you most likely recall, with some chill, the work of the great Alfred Hitchcock. The maker of films and television shows, he was such a master of the genre of mystery and suspense, that he was knighted and left a body of work that is still seen today, DIAL M FOR MURDER, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, THE BIRDS, and PSYCHO.

Michael Cotey, the adept young director from Milwaukee, channels the master in his mounting of DEATHTRAP at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, the unofficial opening production of the Milwaukee theater season. Mr. Hitchcock developed the mastery of special effect to move a story from the plain to the perfect - the background of a sound that signals the growing pace of suspense, the manipulation of light to herald a moment of horror, the breath-taking surprise of the unexpected.

Mr. Cotey, aided and abetted by a bevy of designers and a corps of smart actors, delivers all of Mr. Hitchcock without ever sacrificing the honesty in Ira Levin play in favor of any gimmick. DEATHTRAP is a play within a play within a play and so on.

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